How I style my braids | 11 hairstyles

Hello there beautiful people. I hope you are doing well. Stay safe in this hard time. I know it isn’t easy to stay at home all day. But health before everything!

While I was about to take off my make up that night, I was you know, just looking at myself and trying some hairstyles. Then, all of a sudden I thought why not show you guys how I style my braids. This came up super randomly in my mind lmao. It was around 10pm..

Yep! I know..

But yeah since I’ve got braids now, I don’t have to style my hair when I get up. But sometimes you’re just tired of seeing your hair in the same position, right? So I thought, why not show people how I style my braids when I want a different look.

Here are 11 looks for y’all, I hope you’ll love it. Try it someday and send it to me. I would truly appreciate it.

The video isn’t long so hopefully you will make it ‘till the end. I know you can do it lol.

Anywayssss enjoyyyyy!

Thank you guys for your time.

Stay safe!

Let me know you favorite hairstyles in the comments.

~ Odi

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