BLVCK-WHITE look by Ody

Hi there lovely people. I hope you are doing well. In Belgium the weather is going LIT! I wanted to show you all my outfit on this sunny day (was actually a few days back but sssshht). It’s not bcs the weather is good that I should not dress well or like some, not dress at all lmao.. Just kidding! Lemme show you guys this quick simple look.

I must say, this was just a look for pictures for the gram bcs the sun was out there.. this is not my go to summer look! I mean if I wanna die then yess I could wear this outfit in summer. But hell no!!! I took my pictures and was out off there. Went home to change reaaal quick. Was sweating all over the place lmao. Leather is a no go for summer.

I will show you guys my good summer looks really soon.

For now, enjoy my little outfit.

The whole look:

My shoes:


So this was my look! Flawless with a pair of sneakers and a leather pants.

I hope you liked it.

Would you style it differently? Tell me in the comments.

Stay safe, stay blessed. Talk to you soon.


~ Ody

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