Time to be and feel pretty again! | Make up review

Hi there lovely women! I hope you are doing well. This quarantine is almost over (all around the world). In some countries as in Belgium, where I live, life went back to the usual since May 11th. Perhaps we have to continue to protect ourselves. Health above everything.

But hey it’s time for a little review. I recently bought some items from the brand Mellow Cosmetics. I showed you what I ordered in my very last post (do you remember? 👀).

Well, I finally got the items. It took a while to come due the Corona crisis I guess. Also I had to pay customs fee, which I should’ve known if I had read the shipment terms on their website… But I don’t even care though, I got my items and I’m happy to show it to y’all.

I mean it’s almost summer right.. we need to have summer color make up!

ANYWAYS.. review time!

This is my first order.

I must say that I am in love with the make up. The nude colors are just BOM! Can’t say much negative about it. Also it stays for a while and is matt. Why I love the make up is also because it is cruelty free!

During summer I’d rather do a nude make-up. Sometimes I will play with colors on my eyes but very occasionally or for events.

Imma let the pictures speak:

I took the pictures in daylight with an iPhone XR, portret mode ✔️.

A little video so you can really see the color.

Let’s move on to the eyeshadow:

The eyeshadow colors are very light and maybe not that pigmented. Let me explain: in generally the colors give a great color. But some give more pigmentation than others. The last 4 colors (brown) have less pigmentation than the other ones (with sparkles). But maybe that will not be an issue for people with a lighter skin tone though.

That is my personal opinion.. but I really like the palet.

Video review.
I used the colors Onyx and Topaz.
Sorry for the bad lightning xoxo.

Hope you guys know enough. If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact me, there is a from down below.

So this was it for my Mellow Cosmetics review! I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely buy more. I do recommend y’all to go order on their website, they have tons of options.

Don’t forget to add me on social media for more.

IG: Odette.fondao.lopez

Stay safe and stay blessed lovely people. See you soon!


~ Ody

Perfume? Good option!

Hello there lovely people! We are Monday again. Let’s begin this new week with a good smell, what do you think?

I wantend to introduce to you this brand which I recently discovered . I am so in love with the options they have. They have tons of options AND you can recycle your flacon.

Without talking too much, we are just going straight into it.

The brand I want to talk about today is called Equivalenza. They are a franchise whom the headquarter is based in Barcelona, Spain.

They are a network of more than 700 stores all over the world, in 26 countries. They are doing pretty well for a company that exists since 2011.

I got the perfume from Equivalenza as gift but the smell looked so familiar to me and I just didn’t understand! When I asked the person who bought me the gift why the perfume seemed to be so familiar to me.. I got answered by “Yeah they base most of their products on existing smells”. Then I just knew!!

We can definitely say that they reproduce high quality brand’s perfume for a better price. I have the one that smells like La Vie Est Belle from Lancôme (reference: 144).

I used to have La Vie Est Belle but I didn’t buy it very often because I thought it was expensive to buy over and over again every time. So I decided to buy one good quality/high branded perfume for special occasion and then one perfume no matter the brand for every day use. Their perfume is cheap but stays all day long.

I will link their website down here so you can take a look. I am just so in love!!

Go a head and take a look, I highly recommend this brand to you. If you are from Belgium, they have tis store in Brussels, Gent, Kortrijk, … etc. Look for a store in your neighborhood and try out this new perfume.

I will soon develop this product on my Instagram stories.

Thanks for reading my dear


– Ody

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